Ann Brock & Terry

Ann Brock & Terry: One Heart One Mind

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Title: One Heart One Mind
Label: CD Baby

Thanks in part to the crossover appeal of the Dixie Chicks, real country - the kind with fiddles and steel guitars - is starting to come back, which means songwriters such as Ann & Terry Brock might be working in a seller's market. However, so that those who like the adult-contemporized sounds of new country don't feel left out, the Brocks have included a few tunes along those lines, such as the album-opening title track (which does end with some nice fiddling,) the power ballad Teardrops From My Heart, and Midnight, which actually bears a strong resemblance to Carly Simon's late '80s work. Although Terry Brock penned most of the songs, the duo includes some well-chosen covers, such as Sonny Bono's brooding A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done. The group is at it's best with it's slowest, saddest songs - Lonely Time and You Know Why make lasting impressions with their forlorn vocals and longing lyrics. When it comes to country, you still can't go wrong with tales of hearbreak. Andrew Miller, Pitch Weekly, Kansas City, MO.

1.1 One Heart, One Mind
1.2 A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done
1.3 Guide Me Home My Georgia Moon
1.4 Louisiana Man
1.5 Teardrops from My Heart
1.6 Midnight
1.7 Runnin'
1.8 Lonely Time
1.9 You Know Why
1.10 Cotton Patch Rag

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