Anna Brzeski

Anna Brzeski: Kingdom of Enki

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Artist: Anna Brzeski

Artist: Anna Brzeski
Title: Kingdom of Enki

This second CD by Anna Brzeski, with it's very visual music, is a journey into an imaginary land. Enki is the Sumerian god of wisdom. We enter through the gates into a splendid soundscape where we meet many strange characters and see a variety of landscapes. Instrumental pieces built of short themes compel the listener to follow along and explore. The music is scary, exciting, fanciful, fun, full of joy...a lot of play with various moods. It is sure to bring out the listener's childlike enthusiasm and fantasy. "Plays very brilliantly with the listener's imagination." "The music (and/or musician) plays on the edge of a distant unseeable horizon." "I love the CD and have several favourites...Soaring Eagles is dramatic, Goblins Cavorting wants me to get up and dance, Ogre Overturned surprised me with how light it is. In all, I love the CD and recommend it highly."

1.1 The Gateway
1.2 Magic Mime
1.3 Soaring Eagles
1.4 Water Nymphs
1.5 Goblins Cavorting
1.6 Sea Dunes
1.7 The Monkey and the Elephant
1.8 Warriors Preparing for Battle
1.9 Ogre Overturned
1.10 Festivities at Court
1.11 Winter Plays with Spring
1.12 The Golden Field of Buttercups
1.13 A Flying Dream
1.14 Kokopelli

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