Anna-Liisa Eller

Anna-Liisa Eller: Strings Attached: The Voice of Kannel

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Title: Strings Attached: The Voice of Kannel
Label: Harmonia Mundi

Related to the harp but positioned horizontally by the player, the kannel possesses an uncommon timbre, at times reminiscent of the harpsichord. Anna-Liisa Eller offers us a chance to discover this treasured symbol of Estonia's musical heritage courtesy of her own transcriptions of well-loved pieces by Couperin, Byrd, Dowland, and Rameau. This magical journey across centuries and musical styles, is rounded off by original improvisations and a contemporary work by the young Estonian composer Helena Tulve, in which the instrumen's myriad colors can shine through in all their rare variety.

1.1 Byrd: Rowland (Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home) (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.2 Improvised Prelude
1.3 Dowland: Lachrimae (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.4 Improvised Postlude No.1
1.5 Couperin: [Unmeasured] Prelude in D minor (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.6 Machaut: Dame, Vostre Doulz Viaire (Arr. for Psaltery)
1.7 Rameau: Premier Livre de Pièces Pour Clavecin: 1. Prélude (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.8 Rameau: Premier Livre de Pièces Pour Clavecin: 2. Allemande (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.9 Weiss: Tombeau Sur la Mort de Mr. Comte de Logy (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.10 Tulve: Silmaja (Beholder)
1.11 Improvised Interlude
1.12 Frescobaldi: Fiori Musicali: Toccata Per Le Levatione, F 12.31 (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)
1.13 Improvised Postlude No.2
1.14 Rameau: Suite in D Major: 6. L'entretien Des Muses (Arr. for Chromatic Kannel)

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