Anna & Underbelly: Brimstone Lullaby

Anna & Underbelly: Brimstone Lullaby
Title: Brimstone Lullaby
Label: CD Baby

Anna and the Underbelly mixes small town melodies with words found on the sidewalks of the city. Each song is a gently written attempt to sort out the reasons behind the people and places that hold us. Since getting started in the fall of 2011, Anna has played both solo shows and been accompanied by a rotating band of wonderful musicians. Her music is lyric-driven, honest, and hopeful.

1.1 Rosy-Colored Skulls
1.2 This Ocean
1.3 Reservation Road
1.4 The Vultures of Cherry Hill
1.5 Talk More Gentle
1.6 Brimstone Lullaby
1.7 The Tallest Man
1.8 Worn Out Gun
1.9 Alder St
1.10 Bullet in the Brain
1.11 The Blue of Night

Anna & Underbelly: Brimstone Lullaby

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