Annabella: Songs of Goodbye

Annabella: Songs of Goodbye
Title: Songs of Goodbye
Label: CD Baby

We're Annabella, a husband-wife duo from Georgetown, TX. We started writing songs together in the late 90s and completed our first self-titled album in 2002. We have since been compared to such artists as The Sundays, Innocence Mission, and Mazzy Star. Some say we come across as uncomplicated, analog pop, which is nice since we tend to believe much of our charm lies in our simplicity. "Songs of Goodbye," our second release completed in late 2005 was recorded in our home studio, las olas recordings. This album unintentionally developed into a thematic project befitting a bittersweet indie-film. We like to call it our hello-goodbye/goodbye-hello album. Take your pick. Equal parts happy and sad, the songs produce a concoction that goes down nicely.

1.1 La Ciudad
1.2 Lost You
1.3 Life Is Sitcom
1.4 See You Again
1.5 You're Still Laughing
1.6 Fading Away
1.7 Underneath
1.8 Follow Me to the Sound
1.9 It Comes Down
1.10 Flood the Lights

Annabella: Songs of Goodbye

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