Anne Lister

Anne Lister: Twist in the Story

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Anne Lister

Title: Twist in the Story
Label: CD Baby

'Not everyone who smiles is your lover, not everyone who tricks you a foe, and sometimes there's a twist in the story when you're not sure where to go.' This is Anne Lister's eighth solo album, with fourteen songs recorded with the aid of Steafan Hannigan (pipes, whistles and percussion), Matt Crum (keyboards, sax and melodeon), Mike O'Connor (fiddle and concertina), Jo Freya (clarinets and harmonies) and Jacey Bedford (harmonies). The songs tell stories - some taken from Welsh folk tales, some from true stories and some based on Anne's work in 2007 when she ran storytelling workshops in 24 UK prisons. Anne has also re-recorded her songs 'How to Stand Still' and 'Stone Circles', previously only available on the rare vinyl album 'Burnt Feathers', which was released on the Fellside label when Anne was half of the duo Anonyma, with Mary McLaughlin. Every song will take you to a different mood and a different place in your imagination, ranging from Polly Williams who danced with the fairies and the fisherman who married a mermaid to a ghost story and issues of drug addiction and prison life.

1.1 Little Polly Williams
1.2 The Fisherman's Song
1.3 Locked in
1.4 The Ghost
1.5 How to Stand Still
1.6 The Horseman of Ceunant y Cyffdy
1.7 Masks
1.8 King Herla
1.9 White Powder
1.10 Stone Circles
1.11 The Genie of the Button
1.12 On An English Lawn
1.13 The Strong Door
1.14 Who Will Dance?

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