Anne-Louise Sterry: In This Circle

Anne-Louise Sterry: In This Circle
Title: In This Circle
Label: CD Baby

Anne-Louise Sterry is an extraordinary entertainer whose joy in storytelling and singing is contagious. Unfailingly positive and encouraging, she brings an energy and commitment to her audiences, whatever their age, which makes those present feel that she is working or performing with them rather than at them. Everyone leaves Anne-Louise's concerts, performances, workshop programs and keynote addresses with a smile on their lips, a spring in their step and humming the songs they heard. Anne-Louise is based in Portland, Oregon, performs and presents nationally and internationally, is a Regional Arts Council, and Young Audiences Performer and recently became a presenter for Operation Respect ("Don't Laugh at Me" Program, founded by Peter Yarrow). Her successful one week intensive storytelling class, from which attendees earned masters degree credits at Portland State University, will be repeated this year (2006). She has released five CD recordings of stories and songs, one of which "Making Ravioli" won the Children's Music Web Award for Best Spoken Word Recording for Older Children. Anne-Louise's repertoire is extensive and ranges from the sublime to the hilarious and includes many genres. Not to be overlooked is Aunt Lena, Anne-Louise's alter ego. When Aunt Lena comes along with Anne-Louise there's no telling what can happen. Aunt Lena is the creation of Anne-Louise and in the guise of everyone's out of the box Italian Aunt, imparts off beat wisdom and stories from the New Jersey homeland. Her special program, "Lewis, Clark and Lena" is a unique perspective of the famous 19th Century expedition.

1.1 In This Circle
1.2 Community Song
1.3 It Could Be a Wonderful World
1.4 Walk a Mile in Your Shoes
1.5 Freedom Land
1.6 Is Not, Is Too!
1.7 That's Our Song
1.8 There's a Light in You
1.9 The Seed
1.10 I Love My Mom
1.11 Courage
1.12 Keep on Walking Forward
1.13 Back Again
1.14 Love Grows One By One
1.15 Don't Laugh at Me

Anne-Louise Sterry: In This Circle

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