Anne of the Wolves: Rainmaker

Anne of the Wolves: Rainmaker
Title: Rainmaker
Label: CD Baby

Anne of the Wolves' writing style embodies a mixture of sultry blues, toe-tapping jazz, eastern-style gypsy folk and wistful pop ballads. Bek Chapman fronts the band as 'Anne' with a versatile voice that engages bluesy sass, jazzy kookiness or soft, folky timbres all with equal ease. 'The Wolves' include clarinettist/saxophonist Nathaniel Poynter, violinist/ guitarist Andrew "Dr" Watson, double-bassist Hayley Jones-Buckley and percussionist, Matt Gibson. Nathaniel Poynter's dry and cheeky charisma contrasts nicely with his abundance of natural jazz talent which he shows off in his climactic free-form clarinet solos. This then forges with the raw improvisational and chaotic fervor of Andrew "Dr " Watson on violin, who moves with a fury of a man possessed, often breaking a bow or two in the process! Hayley adds an intriguing sound to the band, listen closely and you'll hear her subtle but definite rhythms on the double-bass as she weaves them through the growing storm of Matt who travels to another world on percussion. Anne of the Wolves create an undeniable atmosphere with their passionate stage presence. With their eclectic blend of sounds and songs and luscious underlying darkness, they create a unique transcendent musical experience.

1.1 See Mary Run
1.2 Betty Blue
1.3 Rainmaker
1.4 Blue ; Black
1.5 My Latent Heart

Anne of the Wolves: Rainmaker

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