Anne Stott: Untitled Mind

Anne Stott: Untitled Mind
Title: Untitled Mind
Label: CD Baby

Mostly the world is too noisy already. Noisy with sound, distraction, rationalization. To add more noise is a treacherous proposition and an ethical dilemma. How to enhance the essence without adding to the clutter? I search for the silence in every song. The moment that lifts us out of the noise to a higher vibration. These songs are pieces of me. The whole has always been illusive. I don't pretend that my influences are fully integrated; the closer I hold my influences, the more I find of myself. I don't want a style; I want a voice. A voice in song, a place in music, a link in the chain. My earliest memories are of music: my parents' albums on a Fisher Price record player. I can trace my life through the music I've loved: Otis, Elton, Bruce, Patti, Nina, Bob... Who will take me through the next chapter? I crave an end I can't see. If I'm lucky, my last memories will be of music as well.

1.1 Rest Stop
1.2 C Minor
1.3 A Little More Work to Do
1.4 So Close
1.5 Untitled Mind
1.6 Babe, Can You Come Home Tonight?

Anne Stott: Untitled Mind

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