Annette Cantor: Music for Yoga

Annette Cantor: Music for Yoga
Title: Music for Yoga
Label: CD Baby

'Annette's vocals help open the prana in every pore of my being!' said Tias Little, internationally known Yoga teacher, Prajna Yoga. This album is uniquely created for your meditative or yoga practice: it offers 2 songs, each about 30 min. Long, one for an uplifting morning practice and the other for a soothing evening practice. The earthy drum beats keep you grounded while the cello and the warm, uplifting vocals calm your mind and provide a flow, that makes every move easy and aligned. Here you have again the voice meet the American Indian flute, opening the heart just like the open spaces in the Southwest open your mind and broaden your perspective on life.' Divine alchemy is the uppermost ingredient in this reflective devotional created in homage to mother earth and the healing that is to be found through both time and nature' sais Janet Mawdesley in her review of the album 'songs to the Earth', from which this album is a sequence. This music brings you back to where you come from: the source of all being, deep within yourself. 'This a beautifully crafted album. It brings together various interesting strands of musical DNA. Patrick Shendo Mirabal,on flute, is from Taos Pueblo and comes from a very impressive family with deep roots in Native American music. For many years I have worked with Mark Clark, on projects with Tulku, Little Wolf, Robbie Robertson, even Timothy Leary, and I always find his work on "the right note" ., Mikey Chavez, Michael Koch, these guys.. same, same. What a great ensemble of "local' musicians. Don't let the word "local' get in your way. Sometimes "local' really means "world class". And then there's Annette on vocals. Some time ago we were working on some pieces with Claude Challe ( Buddha Bar, je NOUS aime ect) . Mark Twain once said "the right word is important" that's true .but for Annette we need two words as Claude said at the time when he first heard her sing.. two words .."Crystal Perfection" All the best to the folks at Stepbridge Studio..Tim, Edguard, Androo... still the funkiest place on the planet.' All the best to all Jim Wilson, Tulku music.

1.1 Awakening - Annette Cantor
1.2 Calling You - Annette Cantor

Annette Cantor: Music for Yoga

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