Annie Danae

Annie Danae: Not Finished Yet

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Annie Danae

Title: Not Finished Yet
Label: CD Baby

Born in a bedroom in a little house in a big city in Southern California, Annie was the first of her mothers children to be born at home, delivered by a mid-wife and her father. With two older brothers and two older sisters, Annie was a quiet one who learned to get along with everyone. Today, she works part time in her family business, and takes charge of meal planning and cooking dinners for her nine siblings and Mom and Dad, she does this cause she likes to, it isn't required of her but she loves to serve others. Whenever she has something she really needs to communicate, she writes it out and this has been the source of many of her songs. They are all born out of the struggles and or solutions she has worked out in her day to day life. Music has always had a place in her home, even if it was an out of tune guitar picked by her dad, (over the years he got an electronic tuner and a nice Taylor so his music has improved a bit), or Mom and a group of siblings singing in harmony, Annie has always enjoyed singing and listening to all kinds of music. Her family first noticed something unique about Annie when she was listening to a cassette recording of Bach. When the piece ended she walked over to a keyboard, and began playing all four parts. No lessons, no music training. She simply has a gift for hearing. (BTW the guitar lick on 'Heidi's Lullaby' is actually her dad playing his Taylor, when she says 'hear Daddy's Taylor play and Mom's voice in it's sweet way'.) On this album Annie plays piano, guitar, ukulele and violin while singing and also harmonizing. She has never been trained on any of these instruments but you would never know that. To say that Annie is shy, well, maybe she is a bit, but she has a great time with friends whether window shopping or surfing, playing volleyball, or football. When she sings about rock climbing, in 'Thank You' she is drawing on her own exposure to the sport, which she has enjoyed in the beautiful routes of Yosemite, the boulders at Rubidoux and other local spots. Annie loves. She loves people, she loves God the Father and Jesus. She loves music, and art, and camping, and she loves it when she can be an encouragement to others like you.

1.1 For Me
1.2 All of My Days
1.3 Far Far Away
1.4 Be with Me
1.5 Free
1.6 The Potter
1.7 When I Remember
1.8 Heidi's Lullaby
1.9 The Parable
1.10 Frost (Mandy's Song)
1.11 Come Back
1.12 Thank You
1.13 My Prayer

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