Annie Garretson: Connected

Annie Garretson: Connected
Title: Connected
Label: CD Baby

Annie is a product of the Kansas plains. From early childhood she began summer escapes to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where she now resides. Annie has worked as a teacher of outdoor education, an elementary school teacher of general and special education, and as a singer-songwriter performing solo and in groups. When she was 10, Annie requested a guitar or ukulele from her parents, and is grateful they provided the guitar. Music has been a constant companion ever since. Annie's music mirrors her appreciation of nature and observations of humorous and poignant human experience. "Connected", Annie's second album, reflects her connections to people and everyday situations, as well as reactions to life's significant passages. The 13 pieces span a period of 12 years of songwriting and encompass a broad range of topics and styles, from solo acoustic guitar ("Bike Ride") to more fully produced folk-rock ("Standing Tall" and "Connected".) Her good-natured humor is revealed in the tunes, "Gravity is Bringing Me Down", "Bell to Bell Blues", and "Whistle". The title piece presents the irony that the ability to stay technologically connected may actually result in people losing the ability to connect. Of course, if you're reading this, it's a good thing that you've gotten "connected"!

1.1 Standing Tall
1.2 Gravity's Bringing Me Down
1.3 Never Too Late
1.4 Bike Ride
1.5 Connected
1.6 Superman
1.7 I Wish for You Light
1.8 Bell to Bell Blues
1.9 Star
1.10 Whistle
1.11 Sands of Time
1.12 Another Turn, Turn, Turn
1.13 Peace Piece

Annie Garretson: Connected

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