Annoy: Boy with Noyz

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Artist: Annoy

Artist: Annoy
Title: Boy with Noyz

Born in Orange County,and raised in Santa Ana till the age of 11 then moved to Salinas.But ....Started off with my man J-mac rappin at lunch in middle school,from then on we continued to work along with Dj Shyreal Sup 1,The Mystery child (rip) we did alot of shows during 97-2010 we have rocked over 100 shows All over the central coast from high school rallys to Comedy Night clubs and also been on the radio.In 98 I started makin beats 4 us to use at are shows & in 99 my man Jahson (Mystery child) moved away a couple months later to find out he had past away. Sup,dee-boi and I formed a group called single Parent Home,in his memory,With me producing along with sup 1 co-producing(X'd Out Muzick)we made an album life Ain't All Peaches in C.r.e.a.m,that been delayed Due to All of are solo albums.Superior 1 (Loylty with out Doubt),(Central Coast Cali) was a comp but a release under x'd out muzick . Besides that I have made tracks 4 Sup 1,Dre Nitty,Alkatraz,Cutty black,DeeBoi, and J-mac.Currently still workin with close long time friends While workin on my solo album.This is my 1st album,'A Boy with Noyz'' Out Now!april 2010.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Take a Lil Trip
1.3 So Here (Feat. S.P.H)
1.4 Must Be Luv (Feat. Young Eat'ems)
1.5 The Nonchalant (Feat. Tea-Why)
1.6 Clear View (Feat. Dre Nitty)
1.7 You're Crazy (Feat. S.P.H)
1.8 Summer (Feat. Sup 1)
1.9 Life (Feat. S.P.H ; J-Mac)
1.10 I'm at the Bar (Feat. Alcatraz)
1.11 Take Shotz Get Hot
1.12 Kingz (Feat. Tearz)
1.13 Apple Pie (Feat. J-Mac)
1.14 California Highways (Feat. Tea-Why)
1.15 A Day in the Life (Feat. J Mac)
1.16 I'm So High (Feat. Dee Boi)
1.17 Now a Dayz
1.18 Summer (Remix)(Feat. Tea-Why)
1.19 Soul Full (Feat. S.P.H)

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