Anthony Braxton & Ben Opie

Anthony Braxton & Ben Opie: Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008

$13.92 $16.98

Artist: Anthony Braxton & Ben Opie
Title: Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008

In 2008, Anthony Braxton's music was celebrated in Pittsburgh with the 'Braxton Plays Pittsburgh Plays Braxton' festival. One of the results of that festival is this double-CD session. Braxton is joined by saxophonist/clarinetist Ben Opie, playing extended performances on two works from Braxton's Ghost Trance Musics series. There are several lines blurred throughout: the division between composition and improvisation, and the differences between the two reed players. It's an intimate and exciting set of recordings.

1.1 Composition 220 (+ 278,29B) - Anthony Braxton
2.1 Composition 340 (+ 173) - Anthony Braxton

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