Anthony Michaels-Moore

Anthony Michaels-Moore: Songs of the Sea / Songs of Travel

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Product Type: CD

Title: Songs of the Sea / Songs of Travel
Label: BBC / Opus Arte

From 'one of the most gorgeous voices on the opera stage today' comes a marine song recital by Stanford which celebrates a time when England ruled the waves. The cycles by Vaughan Williams look further, from the Dorset vales towards America and the far horizon that has always attracted poets and composers.

1.1 Drake's Drum
1.2 Outward Bound
1.3 Devon, O Devon
1.4 Homeward Bound
1.5 The 'Old Superb'
1.6 La Belle Dame Sans Merci
1.7 Sailing at Dawn
1.8 The Song of the Sou'wester
1.9 The Little Admiral
1.10 Linden Lea
1.11 Blackmwore By the Stour
1.12 Nocturne
1.13 A Clear Midnight
1.14 Joy, Shipmate, Joy
1.15 The Vagabond
1.16 Let Beauty Awake
1.17 The Roadside Fire
1.18 Youth and Love
1.19 In Dreams
1.20 The Infinite Shining Heavens
1.21 Whither Must I Wander
1.22 Bright Is the Ring of Words
1.23 I Have Trod the Upward and the Downward Slope

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