Anthony W Rogers: Wrong

Anthony W Rogers: Wrong
Title: Wrong
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

2014 wildflow unltd all songs by Anthony W Rogers Recorded at home 2011-2014. Prepared for release with Chris Biondo at his place in Kensington, Maryland. This version is different than the vinyl where there are just 2 sides, not individual tracks. The artwork is also different on the vinyl version and includes an insert and lyrics on the inside sleeve. All noises/mistakes/omissions/regrets by Anthony W Rogers with.. Audrey Grace Rogers-percussion on wait too long, lead vocals on Johnny Janie and background vocals on Johnny Janie and.. wash. Joe William Rogers-percussion on wait too long, lead vocals and background on Johnny Janie and background vocals on.. wash.. Please visit the website for more information. 'A journey into the mind and atmosphere of a true outsider. At times obtuse, weird, caustic, joyous and mystic, the albums weaves it's own singular path defiantly through misunderstanding, frustration to cathartic release. There are mistakes that meld into a greater or larger vibe. The voices of the children lift the mood from somber reflection to hope for the future. Truly an unexpected turn and emotional experience. This album requires focus to truly 'get it'. In that way, it is as loud of a rejection of all that's wrong with todays scene, put in stark blunt soft reality. In many ways, it's amazing that it exists at all in 2014. Much of it sounds like it could be and should have been recorded in the 70s or 80s' Scott Pace, Bannett News Agency a collection of random quotes from local acquaintances (un-cited for my and their protection) about me/the project: 'Now here he comes all these years later and has to come at us like this-with this kind of aggression.. it's not good etiquette, but I'm glad to see him back. Actually, to call him aggressive is funny. He likes music and what he does. He just doesn't really care at all about much else about it or especially to ever put himself out there. ' JR 'He told me many times that his goal was not to sell music but rather to get it to the few people to whom it will mean something. I think he's really one of a kind. I like what I've heard of it.' BC 'I'm happy that finally people can see what a good writer and one man band so to speak that he is. There's better ones than these that he hasn't done yet but who knows what they will end up as. He will often play me new but changed versions of things.' TF 'I can tell you this about him. He's absolutely not interested in playing anyone's game. And he's very blunt about it sometimes. He doesn't mean any harm. I think he just feels like he wants people to know where to back off I guess. I think this is telling- guess what he told me once?.That he only wears one brand of black socks everyday. He has dozens of pairs of the same socks and no others. Typical. He has his own ideas about pretty much everything and that's good around here' JS ' If he didn't have some money to do this, he couldn't you know. He's really not a part of the music scene around here anymore at all. Some of the guys know who he is but not much else. The guy doesn't mix much with anyone that I know of. Don't get me wrong.. I like him a lot but he just doesn't seem to be with anyone but his family. Totally a nice and gentle guy, but just kind of removed. He used to play in bands all the time years and years ago. He still lives around here. I just never see him out. I mean, like never.' TB 'I remember he and Mitch used to play all the time. It's nice he did that song for him on here. It's pretty intense if you knew him. I like that track a lot.. The best of all of them probably.' WD 'His old black CD in the 90s (Identifiction) was really good, I liked it very much. I haven't heard the new one yet. I specifically remember the last time he played out around here he was subbing in this band of an old friend at this dive in Romney in the 90s. My friend and I went over there and saw I think him there with Mark Bob and Tim - Things were pretty normal for a while, but by the end of the night things got completely out of hand into crazy land. The place was closing up shop and so, the band just decided to aggravate the crowd by playing these really tired old country ballads Sleepwalk, and then Eddie Arnold (Make The World Go Away). over and over again at least 4 or so times each until the patrons got so agitated and mad they came onstage and took over the PA. The band then kinda backed off but they put extreme effects on the vocals and we spent the next 15 minutes or so enraptured in near madness-like the Butthole Surfers or something. We were just stunned and couldn't even think to move our feet out of there. There's a tape of it somewhere. Yeah, he was one of the craziest dudes then. He woulda been the main one egging it on. Those other dudes wouldn't have done something like that without him pushing the idea. Yeah. It was like psychedelic punk at this backwoods tavern for these rowdy country types. Those guys always had a lot of balls. It was a dangerous redneck type in there but they kept agitating the crowd-kept on pushing it. I didn't know what was going to happen. It's funny to look back on now, but to tell you the truth they took it so far and the music got so freaky that I got scared in there. The vibe was almost vertigo producing. Then, bizarrely, they closed the night with everyone (patrons and band) singing Country Roads together into the mics. I remember the crowd then clapping and leaving the bar afterwards as if the whole 20+ minute freakout/takeover out of control thing never happened. It was like the WV song just snapped them back into reality. One of the strangest but there's been a bunch of em out here what you would call unforgettable.. Tony's ok, he's a good dude.' MS A few questions with Anthony W Rogers, formerly of the 80s-90s DC bands The Now and Ten Below answers questions about his latest out of nowhere unique LP puzzler- Wrong. Say what you will about it but it's clear the album is unique today both in sound and it's scope of musicianship and writing. Truth is, I knew Tony from years before when he was the drummer, then front man for Ten Below-the musically adventuresome transplanted Western Maryland power prog band- and from his stint as drummer in the 80s-90s DC ska champs, The Now. His 1994 release, Identifiction, is said to have been recorded just as he left DC for parts unknown. After knowing the first CD which was a closet favorite of mine, the sound of who this new release was by was instantly clear. But, on first listen, I admit that I was somewhat taken aback when it became abundantly clear that this one was on a whole other level. Sounds like the same old friend, much grown both older and much wiser and game way stepped up across the board. By jake storm. According to the new release, this appears exclusively a one man effort as was the first. The man has his own sound but it has clearly evolved in all directions. At the same time, Rogers projected artistic curve (or non artistic if you like) remains unique all the way now into 2014. The lyrics have a more picturesque effect this time out presenting a shaking and vibrant snapshot against an almost hesitant and backward rural America from the perspective of a bitter frustrated but unbowed soldier. It's hard to write about this album because Rogers casts his net so wide. Although I can trace influences, it is a singular vision that emerges, forms and then settles out of these grooves. At it's best, most transcendent moments, the album seems to float outside the bounds of modern times but underneath it, you get the sense of an eerie wisdom. His voice and sound weaves a common yet quaint thread which is rare in music, but is utterly convincing. The production lends itself to this. But, according to Tony, it may not be 'right' for you after all. As he says 'you may not need this album'.. let him explain.. Rogers called in from his hideout somewhere in the westerly hills.. The legend has it that you finished your first

1.1 Compromised
1.2 Blown Away
1.3 Keep Holdin' on
1.4 Big Thing
1.5 Crunch (Blues for Mitch)
1.6 (Please Don't) Wait Too Long
1.7 White Beach
1.8 Here Comes the Fire
1.9 ... Wash
1.10 Johnny / Janie

Anthony W Rogers: Wrong

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