Anton Karas

Anton Karas: The Third Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Artist: Anton Karas

Artist: Anton Karas
Title: The Third Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1.1 The Third Man Theme
1.2 The Café Mozart Waltz
1.3 Anton Karas' Second Theme
1.4 Carol Theme
1.5 The Big Ben Tune
1.6 Main Title/Holly Martins Arrives in Vienna
1.7 Harry Lime's False Burial
1.8 Holly Encounters Anna
1.9 Meeting of Conspirators at the Bridge/Holly and Anna Talk About Harry
1.10 Holly Is Accused of Homicide
1.11 Martins Is Harassed By the Mob
1.12 Martins Runs Away
1.13 Calloway Persuades Martins About Harry's Crimes
1.14 Holly Gets Drunk at the Casanova Club
1.15 Holly Brings Flowers to Anna and Lets Her Know About His Feelings
1.16 Holly Runs After Harry's Shadow
1.17 Anna Is Arrested By the International Police
1.18 Holly and Harry Meet at the Prater's Ferris Wheel
1.19 Trap to Catch Harry
1.20 Harry Lime's Escape
1.21 Harry's Funeral
1.22 Anna Walks Away - Alone/End
1.23 Anton Karas Performance at London's Empress Club
1.24 Trailer
1.25 The Third Man Theme - Chet Atkins
1.26 The Third Man Theme - Jonah Jones
1.27 The Third Man Theme - Guy Lombardo
1.28 The Third Man Theme - Jackie Gleason
1.29 The Third Man Theme - Earl Bostic
1.30 The Third Man Theme - Victor Young

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