Any Trouble

Any Trouble: Where Are All the Nice Girls

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Any Trouble

Artist: Any Trouble
Title: Where Are All the Nice Girls

Any Trouble was an underappreciated bright spot on Stiff Records, a label which had no shortage of talented artists. Each of their four albums revealed a songwriter of unique talent and a more-than-capable band to execute the songs. This remastered re-release of their 1980 debut includes new sleeve notes from the band and for the first time it includes the original version of the debut single b-side. Singer/songwriter Clive Gregson later produced a number of highly rated solo albums and collaborations with Christine Collister before relocating to Nashville, most recently as a member of Nanci Griffith's Blue Moon Orchestra. 14 tracks including 'Yesterday's Love', 'Second Choice', 'Romance', 'Turning Up the Heat' and more. Stiff. 2007.

1.1 Yesterday's Love
1.2 Second Choice
1.3 Playing Bogart
1.4 Foolish Pride
1.5 Nice Girls
1.6 No Idea
1.7 Turning Up the Heat
1.8 Romance
1.9 The Hurt
1.10 Girls Are Always Right
1.11 Growing Up
1.12 Honolulu
1.13 (Get You Off) the Hook
1.14 Nice Girls (Single B-Side Version)

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