Anyone's Guess: Point: Counterpoint

Title: Point: Counterpoint
Label: CD Baby

The definition of their name is: "to be of a questionable nature; something uncertain," but Anyone's Guess falls far from those words. This daring, female-fronted and emotionally charged alternative band knows exactly what they want and how to get it. The band formed in late 2006 and through hard work and dynamic show schedule, they have established themselves as one of the better-known bands in Central Florida. Selling out a 300 capacity venue for their debut CD release party in 2008 was just the start of all great things that would happen in relation to their double-disc, 24 song release titled "Point: Counterpoint." Their single "I Call You" got internet and college radio play in the US and abroad and it's acoustic counterpart "Leavin'" landed them a licensing contract with Synchup in late 2008. With favorable opinions from Martin Atkins (Invisible Records) and coaching support of Christine Wisner (Fueled by Ramen, Disney Records, Atlantic Records), the four know that the only way to fail in their conquests is quitting, which is a banned word in their vocabulary. Just like the rest of their work, the band's eccentric ways are taking over their new release "Cost of Silence" (coming out September 2010). "It's going to be much different than what you're used to. It's a movement, not just a piece of plastic that will be forgotten after a few months," says Sanja, the lead singer.

1.1 Scarred
1.2 Re_Tep
1.3 I Call You
1.4 Unsaid
1.5 Without
1.6 Leavin'
1.7 Reaction
1.8 Smoke
1.9 For You
1.10 Break
2.1 Scarred
2.2 Re_Tep
2.3 I Call You
2.4 Unsaid
2.5 Without
2.6 Leavin'
2.7 Reaction
2.8 Smoke
2.9 For You
2.10 Break

Anyone's Guess: Point: Counterpoint

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