Ape Fight: Apefight Apefight

Ape Fight: Apefight Apefight
Title: Apefight Apefight
Label: CD Baby

Ape Fight is a band like no other! Featuring members of the seasoned bands Elefant, Radio4, and Teenbeaters combined with the retarded unprofessionalism of Don Ape and Mr. Gamble & M1, this band will show you why you should make a band. Ditching the rule book and pushing the line of decency, Ape Fight will make you wanna Laugh, Fight, Drink and Fuck.

1.1 You Think We Suck
1.2 Yea!
1.3 Girls
1.4 My Scientific Technique
1.5 Mail Order Bride
1.6 Free Mustache Rides
1.7 Bonghits, Handjobs and Food
1.8 I Will Take the Bullet
1.9 Texarkana
1.10 Mind Control
1.11 Kick in the Nuts
1.12 Bangin and Gettin Banged Up

Ape Fight: Apefight Apefight

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