Apostles: Apostelyptic

Apostles: Apostelyptic
Title: Apostelyptic
Label: CD Baby

Apostles Their album 'Apostelyptic' (2004) showed growth and focus while maintaining the creative rawness of their debut. It broke important new ground and expanded Apostles' fan bases in NYC, LA, Hawaii and Australia. And with the new LP, 'The Undaglobe' (2005) Apostles have successfully reinvented again. On Stage The Apostles performance is full of energy and variety. They incorporate so many different music styles into their brand of Hip Hop that they appeal to a broad audience. Calling for crowd participation that is engaging, stage shows are more like a big celebration. On stage they lend themselves to collaboration and are always prone to have guest appearances from singers to DJ's to instrumentalists of all kinds and genres. This summer Apostles will be performing several shows with the Hip Hop band The Ill Collective, in NYC. Apostles have already opened for or performed with many well-known artists such as: A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Naughty by Nature, Boot Camp and more. The Underground Down Under: Apostles in Australia Recently Apostles made a trip to Australia to promote their Apostleyptic album. Their trip was well received and resulted in much love in the form of daytime radio play ('Burn the Bush'), many copies of 'Apostelyptic' sold and several newspaper/ magazine interviews and write-ups. The highlight of the trip was 'Big Bang' on Easter Sunday at the famed Rockafellas Night Club. Apostles headlined a show and 'blew the roof off' in front of a sold out crowd of 450; many of them knew the words to some songs. G.Riot stayed down under for an extended tour with several Australian acts that got love in 5 cities. Apostles will be returning to Australia in October 2005 for 'The Uhuru Tour' with Naughty by Nature, Dead Prez, and P.O.W.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Rockin' Ones
1.3 Who Dis'
1.4 Y Label It?
1.5 Whasdetime?
1.6 Feel No Pain
1.7 Ill Lit a Writ
1.8 Get Busy 2
1.9 Zig Zag Classic
1.10 Get Out the Booth
1.11 Iron Mics
1.12 Freedom of Speech

Apostles: Apostelyptic

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