Arbogast: Too Proud to Stick to Winners

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Arbogast

Title: Too Proud to Stick to Winners
Label: CD Baby

'Arbogast has managed to create a sound that pays homage to rock from an era largely forgotten. I´d leave the album playing in the background at work, and I swear I´d just heard something by Ozzy or Guns´n Roses. There´s plenty of fantastic guitar work to be found on 'TPTSTW', particulary on tracks 'Not Be Present', 'Flying The Flags', 'Raining Stones' and 'Soiled By Shadows Of The Brave'. Heinrich Souza - It's a trap 070706 '...Svante is truly a badass for doing things his own way and for producing a truly great sounding album. As he sings on 'Universal Hitchike' (Sic), 'Find the tune within or you will die'.' Drew Allegre - Fahreinheit 070617 'Arbogast is a real original Swedish band, because besides rocking hard enough to be called a Melodic Hardrockband (during a song like 'Restless Dogs United') they also move into a sort of 1970s Classic Rock format on a song like 'Flying The Flags...' ' of original Rock/Hardrock with some acoustic tingled pieces thrown within should check out Arbogast...' Gabor Kleinbloesem - Strutter'zine 070828.

1.1 Labrador Man
1.2 Restless Dogs United
1.3 Flying the Flags
1.4 All the Time
1.5 Not Be Present
1.6 When the Taste of Water Stings
1.7 Abstract Destination
1.8 Soiled By Shadows of the Brave
1.9 Laugh or Die
1.10 Look at Yourself and Cry
1.11 Hiding
1.12 Universal Hitchike
1.13 Raining Stones

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