Archdeacon: No Turning Back

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Artist: Archdeacon

Artist: Archdeacon
Title: No Turning Back

Archdeacon'S new album entitled "No Turning Back" is dedicated to Steve's (guitar/lead vocals) father who suddenly passed away on Feb. 15, 2008. Music is Steve's ultimate passion in life and he loves to perform live and connect with people through music. Inscribed on his college class ring is "Music til I die" as a testament to his dedication to music. Music is all about bringing people together and just enjoying life to the fullest. As Steve says, 'As an artist you always strive to become better day by day, year by year. It is a life long journey to constantly improve yourself as a musician and as a person. My goal is to entertain and help people through the medium of music." Archdeacon has played such venues as The Cavern in England, where the Beatles became famous, to Virgina, Deleware (Dewey Beach Music Conference), recorded an album in Tennessee, and has had the opportunity to open for such acts as Nine days and Our Lady Peace.

1.1 This Moment
1.2 Paid the Price
1.3 It'll Always Feel Like Yesterday
1.4 Cool Chord Instrumental
1.5 Virginia
1.6 Silent Mood [Instrumental Piano] [Instrumental]
1.7 Everything About Yourself

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