Archers of Loaf

Archers of Loaf: Vee Vee (Deluxe Edition)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Archers of Loaf

Artist: Archers of Loaf
Title: Vee Vee (Deluxe Edition)
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Step Into the Light
1.2 Harnessed in Slums
1.3 Nevermind the Enemy
1.4 Greatest of All Time
1.5 Underdogs of Nipomo
1.6 Floating Friends
1.7 1985
1.8 Fabricoh
1.9 Nostalgia
1.10 Let the Loser Melt
1.11 Death in the Park
1.12 The Worst Has Yet to Come
1.13 Underachievers March and Fight Song
2.1 Harnessed in Slums '95 (Bob Weston Radio Mix, 1995)
2.2 Telepathic Traffic ("Harnessed in Slums" Single, Alias, 1995)
2.3 Don't Believe the Good News ("Harnessed in Slums" Single, Alias, 1995)
2.4 Smoking Pot in the Hot City (7" Single, Esther, 1995)
2.5 Mutes in the Steeple (7"Single, Esther, 1995)
2.6 Mark Price P.I (Out of Print)
2.7 Bacteria (The Speed of Cattle, Alias, 1996)
2.8 Equinox (Unreleased) (J. Coltrane)
2.9 (Big Joe and) Phantom 309 (Out of Print) (T. Faile)
2.10 1985 (Marahon Boombox Demo)
2.11 Fabricoh (Marathon Boombox Demo)
2.12 Nostalgia (Marathon Boombox Demo)
2.13 Let the Loser Melt (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
2.14 Underdogs of Nipimo (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
2.15 Nevermind the Enemy (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
2.16 Don't Believe the Good New (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)

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