Archie Shepp

Archie Shepp: Quartet

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Archie Shepp

Artist: Archie Shepp
Title: Quartet

Digitally remastered and expanded release includes 10 bonus tracks. This CD contains the unique quartet recordings by Archie Shepp and Bill Dixon, for the first time ever on CD! As a bonus, a long unavailable sextet studio session by Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary Five and an interesting septet session by Bill Dixon. In Crowd.

1.1 Rio
1.2 Quartet
1.3 Somewhere
1.4 Peace
1.5 Where Poppies Bloom (Where Poppies Blow)
1.6 Like a Blessed Baby Lamb
1.7 Consequences
1.8 Winter Song 1964 Section I
1.9 Winter Song 1964 Section II
1.10 Winter Song 1964 Section III
1.11 Winter Song 1964 Section IV
1.12 Winter Song 1964 Section V
1.13 Winter Song 1964 Coda
1.14 12th December

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