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Arethusa Consortium: Arethusa Consortium

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Artist: Arethusa Consortium
Title: Arethusa Consortium

Elena Buttiero, celtic harp, spinet Ferdinando Molteni, mandocello, guitar Stefano Tomasini, celtic harp This album was born from the desire to have a permanent record of two shows that Arethusa Consortium is producing. The first show is a recital entitled O'Carolan Stories and is devoted entirely to Turlough O'Carolan, the most important Irish composer. The second part is a journey in European music-beginning with music of Davide Rizzio from the sixteenth century and progressing to music of contemporary composers such as Andrès and Tiersen. For this album we chose a selection of music that, despite coming from different projects, have their own tonal, melodic, or rhythmic consistency. It is, ultimately, an exploration of European instrumental music linking, in equal measure, scholarly and popular traditions. The earliest composer in this recording is David Rizzio. Born in Pancalieri, near Turin (Italy), around 1533, he lived the last years of his life at the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, In Edinburgh. He was killed by conspirators, motivated by jealousy, in 1566. He composed some of the most beautiful melodies of Scotland. We have chosen two, and have combined the versions from Orpheus Caledonius, published in 1725 by William Thomson and from A Collection of Scots Tunes by William McGibbon (1746). From Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), the most popular Irish composer, we have selected some melodies from Edward Bunting's General Collection of Ancient Irish Music, published in Dublin in 1796. Contemporary instrumental music is represented by two French composers whom we love. The are Bernard Andrès (1940), author of brilliant compositions for harp, and Yann Tiersen (1970), eclectic writer of music often performed using toy instruments. They are joined by Ferdinando Molteni (1962) with a composition written for a traditional Italian instrument, the mandocello. Elena Buttiero plays a Aziliz Camac harp and a Claudio Tuzzi spinet, 2005. Ferdinando Molteni plays a German mandocello (early XX century), a Sicilian contralto mandola (late XIX century), a Larrivée L03 guitar, a Spanish classical guitar and toy percussion instruments. Stefano Tomasini plays a Melusine Camac harp. Info: allegroconmoto. Savona@virgilio. It.

1.1 Comptine D'ÉTÉ N.17
1.2 Mrs. Edwards
1.3 Dance D'automne N.1
1.4 Carolan's Welcome
1.5 Ribambelle
1.6 Bridget Cruise
1.7 Mandocello Lullaby
1.8 Morgan Magan
1.9 Blind Mary
1.10 Kola
1.11 The Lass of Patie's Mill
1.12 Carolan's Concerto
1.13 Auld Rob Morris
1.14 Le Matin

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