Paul Schwartz

Paul Schwartz: Vol. 3-Cafe Del Mar Aria

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Artist: Paul Schwartz

Artist: Paul Schwartz
Title: Vol. 3-Cafe Del Mar Aria

Unlike the majority, Aria 3 is not an ambient/ dance music album recorded with keyboards and samplers. It was conceived for feeling so alive, so vivacious and so real as it was possible, and with this mind it was recorded (in Abbey Road's studios in London). None of the vocals or choirs has been sampled; it was recorded directly in the studio. Appropriately titled 'Metamorphosis', Aria 3 fuses a new sound (emotional, sensual and powerful), contemporary instrumentation, classic melodies of opera, a voice that hypnotizes and an orchestral direction that combines all these elements.

1.1 Ombra Mai Fu
1.2 Furioso
1.3 Sogno
1.4 Metamorphosis 2: Dance
1.5 Ballo
1.6 Orchestre Engloutie
1.7 Amami
1.8 Lascia
1.9 Farewell
1.10 Metamorphosis 3: Cyane
1.11 Ascension
1.12 Metamorphosis 1: Arachne
1.13 Furioso [Instrumental Mix]
1.14 Ombra [Chilled Mix]
1.15 Pace Pace
1.16 Ebben

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