Ariah Firefly

Ariah Firefly: One Blissful Dream

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Artist: Ariah Firefly

Artist: Ariah Firefly
Title: One Blissful Dream

Ariah Firefly has devoted her life to being of service through healing music and as a alternative healer/psychotherapist. May these chants help transform all who listen to remember they are love. With gratitude for production to Thomas Barquee, Satnam. 'Ariah's gorgeous voice will take you on a journey of soul that will connect you to the deepest levels of your being. The beautiful harmonies on this CD create a rich atmospher of joy, devotion, and healing.' Visual Alchemy Studios.

1.1 Krishna Devotional
1.2 I Am Love
1.3 Ganesha
1.4 Guru Rinpoche
1.5 Saraswati
1.6 Moola Mantra
1.7 Pratyangira

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