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Ariel Towne Joseph: Healthy Home Healthy You

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Title: Healthy Home Healthy You
Label: CD Baby

Healthy Home, Healthy Body Take care of your space and your space will take care of you DESCRIPTION When we think about Feng Shui, we think about the space around us. But Feng Shui doesn't just apply to our outer space, it applies to our inner space as well. Healthy Home, Healthy Body examines how our environment affects us and then asks us to effect positive change on our environment. By taking stock and control of our surroundings we are able to take charge of our health. Listen as Ariel Joseph Towne (aka The Feng Shui Guy) guides you through this important transformational journey. You'll see and feel your life in a whole new light! ABOUT ARIEL A Feng Shui expert and life coach with an international client list, Ariel loves to take ancient principles and make them simple, relatable and playful. From struggling artists to A-list celebrities, individuals to large families, and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Ariel's clients have been able to achieve their dreams with his support and dedication. Stagnant spaces in clients' homes and minds are transformed into positive, intentional spaces. And people's greatest visions of their lives are given energy and encouraged to unfold. Ariel is the author of Serene Makeover Inner Edition: Feng Shui Your Life from the Inside Out. He has also contributed to: The Road Trip Guide To Your Soul (Wiley & Sons), The Hot Mom-To-Be Handbook (HarperCollins), Beyond The Missionary (Penguin) and Regina Leeds' newest book in the New York Times bestselling series One Year to an Organized Life (Da Capo). In 2010, Ariel sold a TV show based on his work called Force Of Nature to the SyFy network. He has also appeared on the shows A View From The Bay (ABC), Million Dollar Listing (Bravo), Platinum Babies (WE) and Rock Your Yoga (VeriaTV). Most recently Ariel was a guest on The Dr. Oz show (NBC).

1.1 Introduction and How I Got Into Feng Shui
1.2 Our Body Is An Ecosystem
1.3 What Is Clutter and How Do I Deal with It?
1.4 Living in Harmony with Nature
1.5 The Path to Better Sleep
1.6 Command / Godfather Position
1.7 Invisible Enemies
1.8 Life Force Energy
1.9 Power of the Mind
1.10 The Impact of Color
1.11 Shapes and Arrows and Drains, Oh My!
1.12 The Blessing
1.13 The Offer

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