Arjuna: Harmonic Heaven

Arjuna: Harmonic Heaven
Title: Harmonic Heaven
Label: CD Baby

What you are about to hear is Arjuna's harmonic vocals. No other instruments were employed in these recordings. Aside from atmospheric reverberation and layering, the emotion and the breadth of his extraordinary range is presented without any studio trickery, effects or pitch shifting of any kind. It is simply the sound of a man standing in fromt of a microphone and singing. Part of the nature of 'Harmonic Singing' is to often sing two and three different notes simultaneously. When layered, it became positively orchestral. An amazing blending of sound, like a combination of a Baptist Choir and Tibetan Monks chanting.

1.1 Moonscapes
1.2 Gaia
1.3 Corona Borealis
1.4 Dark Matter
1.5 Polaris
1.6 Supernova
1.7 Blue Star
1.8 Dragon's Breath
1.9 Cydonia
1.10 Pleiades
1.11 Milky Way

Arjuna: Harmonic Heaven

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