Arlene Bishop: Snarky Girlpop

Arlene Bishop: Snarky Girlpop
Title: Snarky Girlpop
Label: CD Baby

Includes top ranking songs at like #3 finalist '98 Points' and critically acclaimed 'Eddie Standing Ready' as well as songs from movie and TV soundtracks! Born in Churchill, Manitoba---northern Canada, where the polar bears run free---Arlene Bishop began writing by mistake, trying to learn other people's songs. Telling stories of love, death and addiction, her unique voice warms the coldest heart. Arlene has released three CDs so far, all of which have received critcal acclaim and limited exposure on radio. On television and film soundtracks, however, Arlene's music has been widely heard (the wonderful Allan Moyle-directed 'New Waterford Girl', the Rob Lowe-HBO feature 'First Degree', the Nastassia Kinski/Stephen Baldwin feature 'Say Nothing', the series 'Madison', the Fred Ward/Christopher Plummer feature 'Full Disclosure'). Funny, charming and highly respected in her hometown of Toronto, Arlene has opened for artists as diverse as Ani DiFranco, Barenaked Ladies, Bruce Cockburn and the Beach Boys. Releasing 'Pinky' in 1996, Arlene then released 'Snarky Girlpop' in spring of 2000. Arlene then recorded with co-producers Jeremy Darby and Blair Packham to make the third album, called 'Cut A Man's Heart Out'. It was released to acclaim in Canada and abroad. Produced by Blair Packham.

1.1 NV
1.2 98 Points
1.3 (I'm a) Hurricane
1.4 Bow Before Your Love
1.5 Six Little Angels
1.6 Eleven Seconds
1.7 Eddie Standing Ready
1.8 My Way of Saying Goodbye
1.9 Sympathy
1.10 Irresponsible Thing
1.11 Human Being

Arlene Bishop: Snarky Girlpop

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