Arnalds / Ott: Chopin Project

Arnalds / Ott: Chopin Project
Title: Chopin Project
Label: Mercury

Released on Monday 16th March on Mercury Classics, the album features Alice performing some of Chopin's much-loved works, including Piano Sonata No. 3: Largo, Prélude in D Flat Major 'Raindrop' and Nocturne in G Minor. All these works have been recorded with a distinctive style, on various types of piano in Reykjavik using vintage recording equipment to create an intimate texture of sound. The Chopin Project is unique in that it combines pieces by Chopin in their original form alongside works by award-winning composer Ólafur Arnold's (known for his soundtrack to ITV's drama Broadchurch) which are based on Chopin's themes.

1.1 Verses
1.2 Piano Sonata No.3: Largo
1.3 Nocturne in C Sharp Major
1.4 Reminiscence
1.5 Nocturne in G minor
1.6 Eyes Shut: Nocturne in C minor
1.7 Written in Stone
1.8 Letters of a Traveller
1.9 Pr?Lude in D Flat Major ("Raindrop")

Arnalds / Ott: Chopin Project

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