Arnioe: Levenworth Files

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Artist: Arnioe

Artist: Arnioe
Title: Levenworth Files

'After reviewing some Arnioe albums, I now know why this band is so highly regarded and respected amongst the Prog Rock Community' - Conner Fynes - Senior Album Reviewer at ProgArchives. Creativeness, emotional and versatility would be a few words to describe the music of Arnioe. Once again they deliver a blockbuster compilation of compositions capturing the emotions and turmoil titled 'The Levenworth Files'. Aron Scharfegger (the musical director) once again plays guitars, keyboards and vocals, with Richard Paitsh on drums and newcommer to their recordings Alan Seis on custom 6 string bass guitar. 'I wanted this album to be a bit heavier in parts, so we got one of my old mates - Alan Seis - to do all the bass guitar work.' 'He's got this custom 6 string bass guitar that sounds just awesome when he plays like real grungy' says Aron. Yes, true to form this is a concept album so sit back and let the music tell the story which is 'Levenworth'.........enjoy.

1.1 Eleven
1.2 Realize
1.3 Prima Faci (Don't Say a Word)
1.4 A Little Hope
1.5 Back to Zero
1.6 Breakout
1.7 Dream Away
1.8 Childhood Memories

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