Arrison Kirby: Part 3

Arrison Kirby: Part 3
Title: Part 3
Label: CD Baby

Part 3 is the third complete solo work from Arrison Kirby, and the first to be nationally released. The disc is a concept piece revolving around an ill-fated journey across Japan taken in April of 2005. It was on this excursion through Nagoya, Nagano and Tokyo where this collection was first conceptualized and written. Field recordings were also documented and later fused within the music at El Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee, where the fourteen songs were arranged and tracked. The end result covers a multiple of musical styles including indie rock, punk rock, j-pop, industrial and ambient among others. "A cultic interpretation of neo-dada, bouncing merrily through Kirby's repertoire, finding inspiration at any given moment." -Metro Pulse, Knoxville, TN Arrison Kirby has been active in the Knoxville music scene for over a decade. In addition to Part 3 and his other solo efforts, he has produced The Stalking Sara Lewis EP by Hamilton Ellis, a compilation of Knoxville music entitled Sunspheric Sounds, and the full length Skippy and the Bellbottoms debut, What Happened to Turn Signals.

1.1 Going Away
1.2 Jim on the Plane
1.3 Train to Nagano
1.4 Zenkouji Exit
1.5 New Feeling
1.6 Bamse
1.7 Sad Bus
1.8 Tokyo
1.9 Nagano Return
1.10 Chippu and Mimi
1.11 Sad Divide
1.12 Goodbye Again
1.13 Anastasia at the Bar
1.14 I Will Wait

Arrison Kirby: Part 3

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