Art Sirota: Norton Songs

Art Sirota: Norton Songs
Title: Norton Songs
Label: CD Baby

Art Sirota picked up the harmonica at the tender age of twelve. He didn\'t actually blow in it until he was fifteen, but he got pretty good at picking it up! Later he picked up a guitar. This time he decided that picking it up wasn\'t impressing anyone, so he learned how to play that, too. Soon he was writing his own songs, Hitch-hiking all around the world, washing dishes, restoring vintage British motorcycles, getting in touch with his inner child, and making CD\'s featuring original compositions. He\'s a big fan of Will Rogers and steals his best lines whenever possible. \'I never wrote a song I didn\'t like,\' he adds. His favorite film is \'Huge Tire Off-Road Monster Funny Cars, Volume 7.\'

1.1 Elvis' Norton
1.2 Far Away from Home and Broke Down Pushin' My Norton Down the Roa
1.3 Serious Collector
1.4 The Seat They Used Was Orange and the Oil They Used Was Green
1.5 Norton Navigator Jungle Diary #3
1.6 Boom Shaboom My Engine Just Went Boom Again
1.7 Talkin' Vintage Restoration Blues
1.8 In the Home Stretch
1.9 Surf Norton
1.10 Norton Rap
1.11 Battleship Gray

Art Sirota: Norton Songs

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