Art Thieves

Art Thieves: Russian Rats

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Artist: Art Thieves

Artist: Art Thieves
Title: Russian Rats
Product Type: VINYL LP

This band is coming at you out of nowhere with one of the best punk rock albums you'll lend an ear to this year. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Andrew spent time in RIVER CITY REBELS, SINNERS & SAINTS and THE DUCKY BOYS in his younger days. He and John's last hurrah was DIRTY WATER in 2003. They flared up fast in Boston and burned out just as quickly, selling 2,000 CDs on Street Anthem Records in the process. Fast forward 15 years, Andrew and John are back with the addition of John2 on drums. This album is packed with unrivaled songwriting and performance. It's political slant is timely for the November elections.

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