Artch: For the Sake of Mankind

Artch: For the Sake of Mankind
Title: For the Sake of Mankind
Label: Divebomb

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this classic 1991 power metal album. Formed in 1983, the power metal outfit released two demos before hooking up with Eric Hawk, a killer vocalist from Iceland. With Hawk on board, Artch would eventually sign with Metal Blade Records and release Another Return to Church Hill, their debut full-length. 1991 saw Artch unleash their sophomore album, For the Sake of Mankind. The record was packed with anthemic tracks such as "When Angels Cry" and "Titanic," and it also finds the band also introducing more hard rock elements into their sound. As great as For the Sake of Mankind is, it failed to bring them commercial success, eventually leading to Artch's breakup in the early '90s. Featuring new liner notes, rare photos, and bonus tracks.

1.1 1 When Angels Cry
1.2 2 Appologia
1.3 3 Burn Down the Bridges
1.4 4 Paradox
1.5 5 to Whom It May Concern
1.6 6 Titanic
1.7 7 Confrontation
1.8 8 Turn the Tables
1.9 9 to Be or Not to Be
1.10 10 Batteries Not Included
1.11 11 Razamanaz
1.12 Bonus Track
1.13 12 Daredevil - Bonus Track
1.14 13 Jezebel - Bonus Track
1.15 14 Dog on the Run (Demo) - Bonus Track
1.16 15 Sirens (Demo) - Bonus Track

Artch: For the Sake of Mankind

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