Artemia: We Still Exist

Artemia: We Still Exist
Title: We Still Exist
Label: CD Baby

Artemia is a five-piece art rock band from Augusta, Georgia whose name is adopted from a genus of aquatic crustaceans known as brine shrimp or more commonly, sea monkeys. Artemia was formed in the late summer of 2009 by cousins Blaine Prescott (guitar) and Michael Dinkins (drums), who originally who began playing music together as kids over 20 years ago. After playing together and separately in several bands over the years, they really wanted to push themselves to be as fresh and original as any band can be these days when everything has already been done. After a year with Artemia's original lineup, Artemia underwent a major lineup and stylistic change when Jason Easler and Eric Rinker took over the guitar roles for the band while Blaine concentrated on lead vocals. Within a year, Artemia had released their debut album. Entirely self-produced-but-not-lacking-in-quality, the 13-track album charmingly titled "Something Special" released in 2011 offers plenty of variety for the music omnivore, jumping stylistically from song to song but still maintaining a cohesive feel throughout. Artemia pay little attention to tired commercial formulas and focus on making music that contrasts yet blends well with a variety of artists, giving the listener something unique in each song. The lyrical content often contains pointed humor to give the songs an added flair, and the band even switches things up instrumentally with Eric on drums and Michael adding keyboards. With the newest addition of Nick Laws on bass, Artemia are poised to be highly prolific recording artists and a great fun live act. Artemia's second album 'We Still Exist' is now available here!

1.1 Quest I on
1.2 Prowler
1.3 Wishing Well
1.4 Clouds
1.5 Batcat
1.6 Radial
1.7 Nuns with Guns
1.8 Swarm
1.9 Snowed in
1.10 Here Comes the Flood (Bonus Track)

Artemia: We Still Exist

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