Artful Touch: Heartbeat Souldream

Artful Touch: Heartbeat Souldream
Title: Heartbeat Souldream
Label: CD Baby

Therapeutic bodywork, both on land and in water, has been a direct influence on the intentions and rhythms of Artful Touch. Played in tempos that are in time with a resting heartbeat and deep yogic breathing, these original compositions maintain the intention to soothe and refresh the Body Mind Spirit, while making a lasting emotional impression on the listener's heart. The versatility and extended listenability of Artful Touch Music makes it an ideal choice for massage therapy, yoga practice, health spas, doctor's offices, classrooms, meditation and more. People who value consciously created, intuitively crafted art forms will appreciate Artful Touch, which is intimate, personal and mood-moving music. Artful Touch is highly effective for calming children and animals, enhancing sleep, and providing a peaceful atmosphere at home and work. It is an antidote for the highly stressed, fast-paced environment many people live in. Artful Touch Music is currently playing at health centers, massage therapy offices, yoga studios, pediatric cancer wards, Reiki clinics, and animal shelters throughout the USA.

1.1 Blue Dream
1.2 Sunrise
1.3 Beautiful Sky, Pt. 1
1.4 Ebb and Flow
1.5 Dream Journey, Pt. 1
1.6 Gratitude Jam
1.7 Whirly Jam
1.8 Beautiful Sky, Pt. 2
1.9 Inspiration Exhalation
1.10 Sunset
1.11 Dream Journey, Pt. 2
1.12 Woke Up (New Life)
1.13 Grandmother
1.14 Breathe in Blessings
1.15 Rest in Space

Artful Touch: Heartbeat Souldream

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