Arthur Alexander

Arthur Alexander: You Better Move on

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Title: You Better Move on
Label: Hoodoo

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1962 album including 14 bonus tracks. In the early 1960s, southern soul singer/songwriter Arthur Alexander made a handful of single records that inspired a generation of artists. His 1962 Top 40 hit, 'You Better Move On', helped kick-start the famed Muscle Shoals music scene. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder and numerous other giants covered his unique country-tinged story-songs, and many took his unfettered brooding vocal style as a blueprint for their own. This quintessential release includes Alexander's magnificent debut LP, YOU BETTER MOVE ON, originally released in 1962 by the Dot label. This remastered collector's edition also contains 14 bonus tracks from the same period, including the hard-to-find 'The Girl That Radiates That Charm', the outstanding 'Go Home Girl', and the self-penned 'Anna (Go to Him)', which became a Top 10 R&B smash and was later covered by the Beatles. These recordings are the building blocks of Arthur Alexander's legendary musical legacy. It is enduring music and the epitome of southern soul.

1.1 You Better Move on
1.2 Love Letters
1.3 Hey! Baby
1.4 Funny How Time Slips Away
1.5 Young World
1.6 A Thousand Stars
1.7 A Hundred Pounds of Clay
1.8 Lover, Please Come Back
1.9 Love Me Warm and Tender
1.10 The Wanderer
1.11 Don't Break the Heart That Loves You
1.12 You're the Reason
1.13 A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
1.14 Anna (Go to Him)
1.15 Soldier of Love
1.16 Where Have You Been (All My Life)
1.17 Keep Her Guessing
1.18 Better Move on
1.19 I Hang My Head and Cry
1.20 Dream Girl
1.21 The Girl That Radiates That Charm
1.22 Where Did Sally Go
1.23 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
1.24 Baby Baby
1.25 Pretty Girls Everywhere
1.26 Go Home Girl

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