Arthur Cothary

Arthur Cothary: Wishing Well

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Artist: Arthur Cothary

Artist: Arthur Cothary
Title: Wishing Well

Americana Primitiva. I have reached a point where I do not want to tell people what to think, I want to give them an opportunity to think. This music is background stuff. Put it on and write a letter. Or take an early morning drive. At it's best I hope that it is poetry. At it's worst it might seem boring and self indulgent... What follows is done in the spirit of throwing paint at an empty canvas. These pieces are crude stories. We live at a time when access to information is overwhelming, and yet misinformation, disinformation, xenophobia and greed rule the day. I'm just stepping back and trying to listen to my guitar. If there's anything there, perhaps you can hear it too.

1.1 Old Man Winter
1.2 Blow the Whistle
1.3 Red Cloud's War
1.4 The Unknown Country
1.5 The Dream
1.6 Bessimo
1.7 Wishing Well
1.8 Sunny and Sid
1.9 Nine Pound Johnson
1.10 Low Down
1.11 Skip's Trip
1.12 Winter Solstice

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