Arthur Lyman: Blowin' in the Wind

Arthur Lyman: Blowin&
Artist: Arthur Lyman
Title: Blowin' in the Wind

Long before the term "World Music" was coined, before the Buddha Bar series mixed cool down tempo lounge music with an "exotic" world vibe, long before "space age bachelor pad" helped to define lounge music's reemergence in the nineties, before funky drum-kit break-beats, before nature sounds started creeping into New Age music, long before Mobile Fidelity labs made state of the art, audiophile stereo recordings, there was Arthur Lyman. This groundbreaking original recording, one of many hits albums culled from Lyman's long stint with the Arvee record label in the late 50's through the mid 60's, is still revered today by audiophiles around the world for it's sonic superiority. All tracks newly remastered.

1.1 Railroad
1.2 Blowin' in the Wind
1.3 Eden's Island
1.4 Arri Rang
1.5 He's Gone Away
1.6 Arthur's Line
1.7 Brazilleros (Bossa Nova)
1.8 My Coloring Book
1.9 Watermelon Man
1.10 Fantasia Mexicana
1.11 Sweet Someone
1.12 Suzy's Waltz

Arthur Lyman: Blowin' in the Wind

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