Arthur's Landing

Arthur's Landing: Second Thoughts (Part 2)

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Artist: Arthur's Landing
Title: Second Thoughts (Part 2)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited blue vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Volume Two of Two. Second Thoughts is the second collection of Arthur Russell songs by NYC nu-disco band Arthur's Landing mixed by some of today's hottest remixers like Alkalino and Pocketknife. Led by singer/guitarist Steven Hall the band explores Russell's concept of Buddhist Pop. This edition includes Pocketknife mixes of ‘List Of Boys’ and ‘Tell You Today’ as well as ‘Dumbo Dumbo’ (Standard Planets Mix), ‘Lost In Thought’ (Drop Out Orchestra Mix), ‘Change My Life’ (Hugoy Mix), ‘Planted A Thought’ (Andrew Clark Mix), ‘It’s A Boy’ (Cooked Audio Mix) and ‘Planted A Thought’ (Alkalino Mix).

1.1 Dumbo Dumbo (Standard Planets Mix)
1.2 Lost in Thought (Drop Out Orchestra Mix)
1.3 Change My Life (Hugoy Mix)
1.4 Planted a Thought (Andrew Clarke Mix)
1.5 It's a Boy (Cooked Audio Mix)
1.6 List of Boys (Pocketknife Mix)
1.7 Tell You Today (Pocketknife Mix)
1.8 Planted a Thought (Alkalino Mix)

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