Arun Luthra: Louder Than Words

Arun Luthra & Rachel Eckroth: Louder Than Words
Title: Louder Than Words
Label: CD Baby

About the Album 'Louder Than Words': In the tradition of great saxophone & piano duo albums from the likes of Stan Getz & Kenny Barron, Wayne Shorter & Herbie Hancock, and Joe Lovano & Hank Jones, 'Louder Than Words' showcases the undeniable musical chemistry and brilliant composing of two outstanding jazz artists. Saxophonist Arun Luthra and pianist Rachel Eckroth bring their beautiful and distinctive voices together to create a captivating and thrilling musical dialogue which pays tribute to the jazz tradition while celebrating it's 21st Century sound. Arun Luthra - tenor & soprano saxophones Rachel Eckroth - piano, Fender Rhodes Recorded by Clarke Rigsby at Tempest Recording, Tempe, AZ - Additional recording by Arun Luthra at SaReGaMa Studio, N.Y.C. Mixed & mastered by Paul Wyckliffe at Skyline Productions, Warren, N.J. - 'Wordsmith', 'Three Dances', 'Face', and 'Ocotillo' by Rachel Eckroth (Grow Your Own Music (B.M.I.)) 'Toorna, 'Garage Band', 'Soon Starts Now', and 'Louder Than Words' by Arun Luthra (TaDiKiNaTom Music (B.M.I.)) 'And Then...' and 'Lost Luggage' by Arun Luthra (TaDiKiNaTom Music (B.M.I.)) & Rachel Eckroth (Grow Your Own Music (B.M.I.)) Produced by Arun Luthra & Rachel Eckroth Executive Producer: U. Allsi Hart Cover Art by Derek Welte -

1.1 Wordsmith
1.2 Toorna
1.3 And Then
1.4 Garage Band
1.5 Three Dances, Pt. 1: Grass Cricket
1.6 Three Dances, Pt. 2: Interlude I
1.7 Three Dances, Pt. 3: Forlorn Beetle
1.8 Three Dances, Pt. 4: Interlude II
1.9 Three Dances, Pt. 5: Daddy Longlegs
1.10 Face
1.11 Soon Starts Now
1.12 Lost Luggage
1.13 Ocotillo
1.14 Louder Than Words

Arun Luthra: Louder Than Words

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