As It Is: This Mind of Mine

As It Is: This Mind of Mine
Artist: As It Is
Title: This Mind of Mine
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Having members originating from both sides of the Atlantic has rubbed off on As It Is and their debut EP 'This Mind Of Mine'. And as the four tracks here demonstrate, the band seem to have taken influence from all corners of the pop-punk stratosphere, most notably those in their overwhelming early-twenties angst. From the memorable "I just wanna believe in something" howls of 'Horoscopes' to the building emotions of 'Relive This Story', As It Is are a band that appear to have a lot of insecurities, and that makes for some pretty damn catchy pop-punk tunes.

1.1 Bitter, Broken Me
1.2 Horoscopes
1.3 Can't Save Myself
1.4 Relive the Story

As It Is: This Mind of Mine

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