Ash & Bloom: Let the Storm Come

Ash & Bloom: Let the Storm Come
Title: Let the Storm Come
Label: CD Baby

Batten down the hatches and 'Let The Storm Come' with the debut album from Hamilton, Ontario's own Ash & Bloom. The powerhouse duo, comprised of Matt McKenna and James Bloemendal, have spent years perfecting the songs featured on their debut LP, including their comedic gem - Heaven is a Ghost Town - a light-hearted, foot-stomping, witty take on afterlife and one of their fan favourites, the title track, Let The Storm Come. The new album includes co-writes with some of Canada's finest - Peter Katz, Caroline Brooks (Good Lovelies), Julie Crochietere and Rob Szabo. Let The Storm Come features 12 original songs whittled down from hundreds written over the years. Since the duo met, a decade ago, they have been busy collaborating - first in Hamilton-based band Garner and then moving on to become the duo they are known as now - continuously honing their songwriting skills along the way. The new album includes the heavy-hitting ballad Let The Storm Come, which boasts incredible songwriting and vocal aptitude. While If You Stay and You Need More Than Love, both live on opposite ends of the love spectrum yet both deliver a large dose of ear candy to listeners. Ash & Bloom have crafted a sound that requires two people playing and singing together - a sound reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel and Iron & Wine. "Before we recorded the album our producer suggested we watch a documentary called, "The Harmony Game" about the making of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." It was inspiring to see how Simon & Garfunkel worked and how challenging the process was. They sang all of their songs on one mic, but when you do that there's no way to hide bad pitch, blending, or a bad take. It really makes you feel like you're in the room for a show hearing the beauty and humanness and that's what we wanted to do. So we did the same thing."

1.1 Let the Storm Come
1.2 Manna for My Soul
1.3 Heaven Is a Ghost Town
1.4 You Need More Than Love
1.5 If You Stay
1.6 Give Up
1.7 Endless Pursuit of Cool
1.8 You Carry Me
1.9 Someday Soon
1.10 Your Hero
1.11 This Town (Hamilton)
1.12 Can't Get Over You

Ash & Bloom: Let the Storm Come

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