Asha: Mentoring Asha

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Artist: Asha

Artist: Asha
Title: Mentoring Asha

This is an album of many voices expressing lessons and experiences of life to a young lady becoming. This is about the potholes, the pain, some of the ecstasties and the blame that is a part of coping, surviving, growing and triumphing against the grain, and against what tries to hold us down. The melodies and deep beats will rock you, tease you, cajole you and lay gently on your mind. From the narrator's opening lines, 'Remember when, we had tales to spin, of life, of liberties, of making do and making it through...' to a journey filled with concrete and success brought down, praying for mercy and release, seeking confidentiality and gratitude for surviving and loving by asking why, this album lays down the law to be with those who want somebody to be with, and sings to kindness, joy and clear sight. This is pleasure in sound and music for the mind. Enjoy. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Paramount Recording, Sierra Allegre, Chalice, Metronome/Rhumba, and Sierra Sonics.

1.1 Introduction (Feat. Danny Clay Williams)
1.2 Gentle L.A. (Feat. the Walker)
1.3 What Happens to the Dream? (Feat. Aejay'e)
1.4 Word Humping (Feat. Mack ; Marrio)
1.5 Good to Go (Feat. Spanky)
1.6 Lord, Have Mercy (Feat. Tai Lew)
1.7 Who Am I? (Feat. Sarah B)
1.8 The Way of the World (Feat. Sarah B)
1.9 Chill the Crap (Feat. Pat H)
1.10 Blessed to Be Alive (Feat. Aejay'e ; Marva)
1.11 Confidential (Feat. Aejay'e ; John)
1.12 Love Is Grand (Life's a Bitch) (Feat. Lil JJ)
1.13 Bald-Headed Boogie (Feat. Aejay'e)
1.14 Easy on My Eyes (Feat. Tai Lew)
1.15 That's How I Feel (Feat. Sarah B)
1.16 Kindness and Joy (Feat. Aejay'e)
1.17 Easy Love Way to Be (Feat. Gloria)
1.18 I Sing (MLK Song)

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