Asher Quinn

Asher Quinn: Stardance

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Artist: Asher Quinn

Artist: Asher Quinn
Title: Stardance

Asher Quinn's instrumental compositions are notable for their heart-centered qualities, particularly a sense of longing and emotive beauty, but also for their sense of spirited adventure and fun! 'Stardance' is just such an album, digitally re-mastered and edited here as a new compilation of previous material. With over half a million sales throughout the 1990's before moving successfully into a more singer-songwriter genre, Asher's blend of classical, folk and ethnic melodies given a modern treatment remain somehow timeless, and he himself unique in the new-age genre. The epic 'Wings of fire' and the hauntingly sacred 'House of spirits' are particularly notable and popular compositions, as is the joyous 'Hallelujah sunshine'... essentially a reggae version of Pachelbel's famous Canon!

1.1 On the Way to the Wedding
1.2 Pilgrims Prayer
1.3 Stardance
1.4 Wings of Fire
1.5 Hallelujah Sunshine
1.6 Apassionata
1.7 Circle Dance
1.8 Mon Joie
1.9 House of Spirits

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