Ashland: Real Time

Ashland: Real Time
Title: Real Time
Label: CD Baby

This album is quite a departure from Ashland's last 2 CDs. Long gone are the keyboards and sampled sound, stripping the band down to bass, guitars and drums. The music and over all feel really reminds people of a cross between Dave Mathews on the lighter side and Tool on the heavier side. Songs like Hit-N-Go bring in some jazz/funk rhythms and lyrically the song speaks about taking advantage of now, living for now and how some people don't get those choices and how those that do should take adavantage of them. This album deals from everything from relationships like the song 'Touched' to different attitudes/changes/trends people have taken over the last century, such as what 'Time Piece' talks about. Ashland creates high energy rock music and gives a little bit to everyone each album both lyrically, musically and emotionally!

1.1 Time Piece
1.2 Touched
1.3 Slipping Away
1.4 Yin and Yang
1.5 Fallen
1.6 Mysteries
1.7 Time for a Change
1.8 Hit-N-Go
1.9 Channel 9900
1.10 October Bleeds

Ashland: Real Time

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