Ashley Lennon Thomas: Sparkle Plenty

Ashley Lennon Thomas: Sparkle Plenty
Title: Sparkle Plenty
Label: CD Baby

Ashley Lennon Thomas bursts onto the music scene like a cosmic star being born. Formed from a long line of musicians, Ashley did not just appear out of thin air but rather was raised on the backstages of bands from The Grateful Dead to Bruce Hornsby,. Inspired by her musician father, Ashley has the musical gene in her DNA. While most four year olds were learning to color, Ashley was writing her first songs. Her music is as diverse as her influences ranging from Madonna to the Beatles to Outkast to Queen. Her sound is a cross between Lucinda Williams' down to earth roots with Van Morrison's ethereal ramble. Like a star during the day, Ashley has always been there and is just now starting to shine with her debut album, 'Sparkle Plenty'.

1.1 Wait in the Water
1.2 Honey Wild
1.3 Hard Headed Woman
1.4 Like I Can
1.5 Sneaky Pie
1.6 Only Time
1.7 Black Coffee
1.8 Hit the Road
1.9 Highway Song
1.10 For Sure
1.11 Buick City Complex - Ashley Lennon Thomas, Dewayne, Bethea Ken
1.12 Blues
1.13 Bones
1.14 [Untitled]

Ashley Lennon Thomas: Sparkle Plenty

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